Get Ready for the IEC Virtual Instructors Conference

If there is one thing that IEC prides itself on the most, it is our commitment to educating the future electricians of our country.

Being skilled is not enough – those skills must be nurtured, sharpened, and expanded through continuous learning and growth. We understand that the instructors who are teaching the tenets of electrical contracting must also build on their own skills to have the best impact on their students.

Every year, we work to create the IEC Instructors Conference, a forum for our instructors to network, collaborate, and learn from each other. We discuss the best practices, different challenges, and nuances of adult-learning. The instructors observe a variety of teaching styles and discover new ways to challenge themselves as they invest in the knowledge and understanding of the next generation of electrical contractors.

Due to the challenges of COVID-19, we are unable to host the IEC Instructors Conference in-person this year. But don’t worry, that won’t stop us! We at IEC have worked hard to ensure that the opportunity for our instructors to benefit from additional instruction is intact. As a result, we will host the IEC Virtual Instructors Conference to replace the live event on July 24, 2020, free of charge.

This year, our instructors will benefit from the knowledge of the same presenters they would have enjoyed at the live event at the Eaton Experience Center in Pittsburgh – virtually. We will showcase several edifying presentations that will help facilitate instructor training, so be prepared to hold your chapter training sessions on this day for maximum impact on your team. To ensure that we have a robust and informative session, be sure to come armed with your teaching “tool-box”, lots of questions, and a ready-to-learn attitude!

Although safety is always important to us, we will put a special emphasis on safe practices given the era of the novel coronavirus. And while the event will be virtual, it does not eliminate the importance of following CDC guidelines in your location. We want everyone to be safe and healthy, so please be sure to practice social distancing, wear masks if you cannot, and be sure to keep hands and surfaces clean at all times.

To attend, send your name, chapter, and email address to Paul Dolenc at to receive your access code. The deadline is July 17.

We look forward to seeing you there…virtually, of course!

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