From the Editor’s Desk: Preparing for the Next Generation

Happy New Year! If we learned anything in 2020 it was how to contingency plan and get very creative with staffing and scheduling. This edition was designed to spark the continued discussion around workforce development and recruitment.

The impacts of COVID-19 last year demonstrated the importance of building a strong workforce pipeline.

The shortage of electricians in the U.S. is only getting more pressing. Commercial projects and the increase in green energy jobs both demand a larger number of resources within the electrical industry. As members of IEC, you are poised to fill the need with help from your local chapter.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, every new year creates an additional shortage of 3,000 electricians. There are 7,000 new electricians that enter the field every year, while 10,000 leave it. At the same time, the need for electricians will increase by 10% in the next decade. Electricians are retiring faster than new ones enter the field.

This sounds daunting, but we have put strategies in place to attract more interest to our industry. In the 4th quarter of 2020, our National Industry Recognition Committee launched a workforce development toolkit designed to support our contractors and chapters in their recruitment efforts for 2021. The toolkit has everything you need to get out there and connect with potential apprentices, including an exciting brochure, talking points, info on what electrician’s do, quick fact sheets, details of the application process, target recruiting areas, and more. You can access the toolkit at

We are also working on enhancing our brand recognition and you will see an increased buzz about IEC and the quality of our apprenticeship program. Stay on the lookout for new collateral and the release of our new website this quarter.

If IEC has helped you to move the recruitment needle at your company, we want to hear about it! How has IEC made a positive impact on you company as a member or as an apprentice? We want to leverage REAL testimonials to tell our story and our value. Please send your testimonial to


Raeshawn Crosson
Editor-In-Chief, Insights
IEC National

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