The Skinny on the Wiha Insulated SlimLine Design

We see you out there shaving, cutting, and removing the screwdriver insulation that keeps you safe when needing to access tightly recessed screws in potentially energized equipment.


Do not take the risk. Wiha Tools has the insulated screwdriver solution that you have been searching for with our Insulated SlimLine Screwdrivers and our Insulated SlimLine Interchangeable Blades and Handle System, providing you with 33% narrower blades without compromising your safety.


With insulation molded directly to the tool steel, the Wiha SlimLine design provides VDE Certified protection you can trust. You can work confidently knowing every single VDE Certified Wiha insulated tool is individually tested to 10,000 Volts AC and rated to 1,000 Volts AC (1,500 Volts DC) for safety and peace of mind in potentially energized applications.


Additionally, all Wiha insulated tools meet EN/IEC 60900 testing standards for protection against arc flash explosion, ASTM F1505 standard specifications for insulated and insulating hand tools,
NFPA-70E standards for electrical safety on the jobsite, and CSA testing benchmarks for safety and performance.


Wiha Insulated Driver Handles

Engineered to set the standard for premium quality tools, Wiha Insulated SoftFinish® Cushion Grip Drivers feature ergonomic cushion grip handles for comfort and control, dual durometer construction for long-lasting durability, and handles that are directly molded to the blade for a permanent bond. Insulated SoftFinish® Driver handles are sized proportionate to the blade for consistent mechanical advantage, include parallel flats to prevent table-top roll-off, and have driver tip profiles labeled on the cap for easy identification.


Wiha Insulated SlimLine Drivers and Interchangeable Blades

Founded on our original insulated driver configuration, the Wiha SlimLine design sets the standard for premium hand tool innovation. The cutting-edge difference is found where the shank transitions to the driver tip. The insulation does not exceed past the driver tip and is flush-fit to provide the increased driver tip clearance you desire—no more shaving or cutting away insulation required.


SlimLine Interchangeable Blades System Handles

The Wiha SlimLine Interchangeable Blades System offers a modular family of insulated tools. SlimLine Blades are unique to Wiha and only compatible with Wiha SlimLine 4.0mm Handles and Holders to ensure proper fitment and appropriate insulative protection.


VDE Certified SlimLine Handles include our standard SoftFinish® SlimLine Blade Handle, PicoFinish Precision Handle, SoftFinish® Stubby, SlimLine Blade Holder Handle, and TorqueVario®-S Handle.


SlimLine Torque Limiting Handles

Are you in need of premium quality insulated torque limiting tools? Take a look at our two most recently introduced sets featuring our SlimLine blade technology with a TorqueVario®-S Handle.

  • 28789
    11 Piece Insulated TorqueVario®-S
    and SlimLine Blades Set
  • 28781
    20 Piece Insulated SoftFinish® | TorqueVario®-S | PicoFinish and SlimLine Blades Set


Insulated TorqueVario®-S Handles feature an audible and perceptible click for alerting users the desired torque limit is attained with a torque accuracy of +/- 6% for confidence in precise tolerances. Once the desired torque is attained the TorqueVario®-S Handle automatically resets for the next torque setting application and maintains a 50% greater unfastening torque for faster removal.


Insulated TorqueVario®-S Handles come with individual serial numbers and certificates of calibration accuracy for warranty claim protection. TorqueVario®-S Handles meet and/or exceed the following standards:

  • NEC 110.14(D) Installation for requirements of tightening torque on electrical equipment
  • EN ISO 6789 Calibration and determination of
    measurement uncertainty
  • BS EN 26789 Hand torque tools – requirements & test methods
  • ASME B107.14M Manually operated torque wrenches and screwdrivers


All torque tools are designed for 5,000 cycles or 1 year—whichever comes first.


Visit to learn about our Torque Service Program.


SlimLine Family

Whether you’re searching for dedicated fixed blade insulated drivers, versatile interchangeable insulated blades, or an insulated torque limiting solution, the best features of the SlimLine family are the innovative flush-fit blade direct molded insulation and wide selection handle styles and types to meet your unique needs.
You can buy confidently knowing your tools will be backed by the Wiha No Hassle Guarantee or the Wiha Torque Service Program (Visit for details).

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