Windsor Electric Company Completes Hospital Build-Out in Record Time During COVID-19

Last March, we all embarked on unchartered waters and were faced with navigating COVID-19. One thing that quickly became apparent was the need for more hospital rooms. Windsor Electric Company, a member of IEC Chesapeake, got to work to complete a build-out with an additional thirty-two patient isolation rooms on the 17th floor of Mercy Hospital in Baltimore. Working in collaboration with Whiting-Turner Construction, Mercy Hospital, and Leach Wallace & Associates, they completed the project and met a very aggressive timeline.

The construction kick-off meeting began on March 23. Everyone worked around the clock, seven days a week, two 8-hour shifts per day, from start to finish and completed the project in a remarkable 59 days. The workers were required to have one day off per week. There was also a third shift that consisted of a daily cleaning and sanitation of the workspace by The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company. Windsor Electric Company has worked on high profile, high pressure projects in the past, however this was a timely project that allowed them the opportunity to contribute their effort during the pandemic to create a specialized facility within the hospital to care for patients diagnosed with the virus.

As we all continued to learn more about COVID-19 and how it affects individuals, there were certain parameters put in place to keep everyone safe on the job. To begin, each shift started by reviewing the health and general safety protocols. In an attempt to accomplish social distancing, the number of workers that were allowed in the space at one time was limited, and they were always required to wear a face mask. Before being granted entry into the facility, each worker was scanned for fever, washed and sanitized their hands, and answered a questionnaire with health and travel questions. In addition, the sharing of tools between workers was discouraged. Large tools such as hammer drills, power actuated pin guns, etc. were wiped down with disinfectant twice a day.

Once the project was complete, Windsor Electric Company received the following letter of appreciation from Judith Weiland, senior vice president, Strategic Planning & Facilities, Mercy Hospital.

“The fact that you, together with Whiting-Turner were able to complete this important project in record time to enable Mercy to provide expanded, specialized care to patients suffering from COVID-19 is nothing short of amazing! Having you as partners coming to work every day in the midst of this pandemic event to build this 32-bed unit as fast as you could has been inspiring.”

“I am very proud of our employees that were involved with this project regarding the manner that they carried out their roles to help make this an overall success for the Mercy Hospital Medical Center,” said Michael Larsen, president of Windsor Electric Company, Inc.

Windsor Electric Company completed the project on May 29, 2020 and the unit opened on June 1, 2020. This project gave them a great sense of accomplishment in that they were able to contribute something positive during these uncertain times. They plan to continue construction of new and existing hospital facilities, however, none are being constructed to address the need for treatment of COVID-19 patients.

We commend Windsor Electric Company for their hard work during the pandemic and their quick turnaround time on this important project.

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