IEC Provides Tangible Solutions to Support Our Members

Not in anyone’s lifetime have we experienced both a pandemic and an economic collapse simultaneously. With today’s economic hardship for those out of work and the high infection rate and number of deaths caused by COVID-19, we face this dual threat to our very existence with fear and feelings of helplessness. We can all contribute something to help bring about solutions to these overwhelming problems.

Getting vaccinated and putting people back to work are goals that can allow us to eventually reopen society. Both the IEC Safety Committee & the IEC Industry Recognition Committee have been working around the clock to make sure we have the tools in place to contribute to the solution.

The Safety Committee has launched a series of educational webinars this month to help you maintain a healthy and safe workplace. Topics include developing a COVID-19 action plan, arc rating clothing & maintenance, cleaning tools to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and much more.

Meanwhile, the Industry Recognition Committee continues to increase branding efforts to attract the next generation to our industry. Don’t forget to leverage our recently launched workforce development toolkit ( to join the recruitment efforts, or simply share with your networks.

Let’s continue to stay positive and support one another while we build our great nation.

Raeshawn Crosson
Editor-In-Chief, Insights
IEC National

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