Jacob Green: IEC 2023 Apprentice of the Year

By IEC Staff 

Congratulations to Jacob Green, the IEC 2023 Apprentice of the Year. Jacob works with Tutor Electrical Service in Mansfield, TX, and is a member of the IEC Fort Worth / Tarrant County chapter. With the largest number of competitors ever at SPARK 2023 in Dallas — 30 — Jacob competed hard in the motor controls, written exam, conduit bending, productivity, and ladder logic exam competitions to come out on top overall. 

“The AOY competition was thrilling,” Jacob says. “Being from Texas, I felt like I was playing a home game and was really motivated to win this for my state, in my state. The chance to show off my skills and everything I had learned was exciting and really humbling. Learning about my fellow competitors and everything they had done really gave me an appreciation for everything I didn’t know yet and how much more there was to the trade beyond the commercial work that I’ve specialized in. It also gave me a bigger picture of the IEC and what it means outside of just the classroom. Meeting all of the business owners and administrative staff of the IEC and seeing their passion really motivated me to see where I would like to get involved.” 

Jacob thought it was incredible to work side-by-side with great AOY finalists from all over the country and says he couldn’t have asked to interact with a better group of people. 

“There were so many diverse and frankly brilliant perspectives in Dallas,” Jacob says. “Everyone was friendly and encouraging while still pushing each other. Every conversation with people gave me so much knowledge and an appreciation for the experience that they had gained over their own apprenticeships. From discussing our states’ unique quirks and challenges to swapping war stories over lunch, I feel extremely lucky to not only have met, but to have formed connections with, this incredible group of people.” 

He is grateful to have now completed the IEC Apprenticeship Program and looks forward to his future in the electrical field. 

“Seeing both residential and commercial through the IEC Apprenticeship Program allowed me to have a fuller understanding of the trade and to become a better electrician, as well as the ability to work with motor controls,” Jacob says. “I had cool moments where I got trained in things in the classroom only to almost immediately see it in the field, allowing me to shine and show my practical knowledge. I also think that the other people within the classes were really impactful. In particular, I can remember a point in 3rd year where several of us had an epiphany moment where we really got what ground actually meant in a way that we hadn’t before. It really helped to reinforce that there were other people going through the same things, struggling with the same work, and that we were able to be there to uplift and better each other. 

“Zack Jarmon, who is now the training director of the Fort Worth / Tarrant County chapter, was my first-year teacher. His non-stop energy and enthusiasm helped to draw me in and make the adjustment to part-time schooling on top of a full-time job. His commitment to making sure we were learning and ensuring that we were succeeding really set a positive tone to the program.” 

Jacob was so impressed with the program that one of his career goals is to become an instructor for the IEC Apprenticeship Program so that he can give back to the organization that set him up for success. 

“Right now, I’m in the process of coming into my own as a leader on my job sites and really enjoy being a foreman,” Jacob says. “In a lot of ways, getting my journeyman license feels like my career is just beginning, and though I’m not certain exactly where I’m going to end, I know I have a lot of opportunities. I’m so grateful for the opportunities the program has unlocked for me, and I hope to help other people excel in their futures. One of my greatest joys in the field is getting to spread knowledge, and I’m excited to extend that to people in IEC’s Apprenticeship Program as well.” 

Jacob originally was attracted to becoming an electrician because he was looking for a job that challenged him mentally and physically and would use his skills at creative problem solving and spatial logic. He was sold on it when he saw the opportunities the field offered him and the chance to have a career and not just a job. 

“This career may not be for everyone, but I honestly feel that a lot more people could really excel at this trade if they knew the opportunity was there,” he says. “It takes a lot of hard work and determination to get through IEC’s Apprenticeship Program, but it’s a truly rewarding career with enormous potential. What really made me fall in love with the trade was the ability to solve puzzles and getting to stay active. If those are things that you’re looking for in a career, electrical has that in spades. If you can show up every day, on time, with a hunger to learn, then this trade will make room for you, and it makes all of us better.” 

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